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How to Add Imagery and Hybrid Layers to a QGIS Map

This article teaches you how to add free imagery and hybrid layers (both basemaps and overlays) to a QGIS map.

Prefer watching video tutorials? Check out the video at the bottom of this page.
  1. In QGIS, open the Browser panel. Right-click XYZ Tiles and select New Connection...:
New connection
  1. Click on one of the imagery layers or hybrid layers in the layer preview application that you want to add to your map.
  2. Copy the parameter values from the preview application and paste them to the corresponding input boxes in QGIS, also make the appropriate selections in the displayed menus (like in the following example):
Values to copy
Pasted values
  1. Click OK. The new layer connection will now be added under XYZ Tiles in the Browserpanel:
Added connection
  1. To add the layer to your map, either drag the layer connection to the map or right-click it and select Add Layer to Project.
You can also use any of the layers on our categorized layer list to add to your map.

Video tutorial